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We see potentials in Near Field Communication technology to simplify things that we do everyday. We strive to accelerate the adoption of NFC technology. Our goal is to make your everyday physical objects "tappable" with NFC devices. Whether you are a hobbyist, a small business owner or an event manager, NFC offers something for everyone.

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    What is NFC?

Simply put, NFC is a wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate by tapping them to each other. No pairings and no elaborate setups required. NFC interaction requires nothing more than a simple tap.

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    NFC Facts

  • Wireless communication technology
  • Operates at 13.56MHz, data transfer up to 424Kbits/second
  • Low power consumption. Short range, up to 4cm
  • Simple and intuitive gesture; just tap a tag or a device
  • Touted as the technology that bridges the physical and virtual world


Frequently asked questions about Near Field Communication, NFC tags and NFC readers.

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